-Trinket:- An affordable item of jewelry that wont break the bank !

-Trinket:- An affordable item of jewelry that wont break the bank !

-Trinket:- An affordable item of jewelry that wont break the bank ! -Trinket:- An affordable item of jewelry that wont break the bank !

About Us


We all want to accessorise our outfits, change our jewellery to match the seasons - look fabulous, and have the ultimate accessories... We believe you can - without breaking the bank! 

We have a passion for silver jewellery, charms and nature.  we are avid gardeners, bee keepers and conservationists and take inspiration from the world around us.

I was lucky to have the privilege of growing up in East Africa where as a child I spent hours making 'treasures' out of seed pods, shells and blossoms.  Some of the very same items that are used by many African tribes and have their own symbolism and use for adornment today.

Pure silver is expensive and so source our charms and supplies made out of alloy metals and use silver plated chains . 

Very few of the items on our website are  925 or pure  silver. Those that are will be marked as '925'.   Otherwise with  all other products  that we mention as 'silver' - we are simply referring to the colour of the trinket itself. 

As 90% of our charms are made from alloy metals, they are light to wear and do not carry the weight of pure silver, most of them are patterned only on the facing side


Only those  specified are 925 silver.

 Our chains are silver plated, and earring hooks are all hypoallergenic.   Charms and pendants are carefully sourced to ensure that they are nickel and cadmium free.

We are mindful of the damage to the environment extensive mining for dwindling resources of precious metals and gemstones creates, and the cost that comes with this process both to the buyer, and to the environment. 

Put simply, our philosophy is that  We don't believe that it has to cost the earth  -  (literally and figuratively speaking ) to look amazing.!

We enjoy hunting down and finding  items to use in our jewellery or statement pieces that represent nature, animals, flowers, or seasons.  On celebratory occasions across many cultures, we consider seasonal items such as hearts at Valentines, and Christmas Trinkets for the festive season.

We often make use of items we find such as sea pebbles, slate or semi precious stones, lava stones or recycled glass - pairing them with silver to make an eye catching item of jewellery - that is both fabulous, and affordable !! 

A helpful little bit of information


Little bit of info....

Little bit of info....

Little bit of info....

We are a small company just starting out on our adventure of online sales.   

We are not perfect and are much more adept at making trinkets  than we are navigating the world of websites and e -commerce !   

IF you have any questions about our trinkets please contact us via the contacts page.

we hope you will enjoy our trinkets and spread the word !  Please share our website details with friends, family and colleagues.  

Since starting our online adventure we have been so busy fulfilling orders as many of the trinkets are hand made at the time of order, we simply don't have time yet to subscribe and keep to date with  all the social media sites that require so much interaction on a daily basis !

So we are starting the challenge to be the first website whose success is based purely on word of mouth..!


About our trinkets.

Little bit of info....

Little bit of info....

All the components for our trinkets are sourced from registered suppliers here in the UK.  

 We may refer to an item as 'silver' - this refers to the colour rather than the metal.    

925 Silver items will be marked as such, otherwise none of our trinkets are silver.


 The chains may be silver plated, and the charms are generally alloy metal or stainless steel.  Some of our components are re-purposed from stocks of jewellery sold off wholesale by the manufacturer as they are no longer 'on trend', or a part may be faulty.   

We are careful to check for privacy and  modern slavery policies of our suppliers, and only purchase components that are sold as nickel free.   

We cannot guarantee that somewhere down the line during the manufacturing process that the  components or packaging supplies have not come into contact with allergens such as nut products, and recommend that any customer with such allergies thoroughly clean items with an appropriate product before use.   

Before we package our trinkets, we cleanse all completed items with an alcohol swab after polishing as a precaution.


925 Jewellery

Little bit of info....

925 Jewellery

Since the introduction of our 925 Silver products, they have been selling faster than we can have them delivered.

Although we dearly would love to be able to manufacture them on site, this is not possible and so have or designs made up for us as bespoke items to order.

If you are ordering for a special occasion such as wedding gifts, or function, where there is a requirement for multiple pieces, please ensure you order at least 14 days or more before the date of requirement to allow us time to make and complete your order.